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The Personal Element

Author: Georgia Kiafi
Language: Greek
Pages: 200
Price: €18.00
Product Code: TPE


The personal element of Chinese Astrology is the most important information that lets us understand the character and behavior of a person in love, friendships, at work and with money. There are in total 10 personal elements: wood yang, wood yin, fire yang, fire yin, earth yang, earth yin, metal yang, metal yin, water yang, water yin. Each one of the personal elements has the character of a natural object. For example, if someone is born on a day of yang wood, his character and behavior will be influenced by the characteristics of a big tree.

In this book you will find a clever guide with which you can find in seconds your personal element without using the Chinese calendar nor any software. It is destined for beginners.  It is a book you will keep for life because it will help you understand people better and it will help you make better choices.