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Chinese Calendar

Author: Georgia Kiafi
Language: English, Greek & Chinese
Pages: 320
Price: €24.00 €21.00
Product Code: CC


This is a big pleasant Chinese Calendar that covers the years 1900-2050. The Chinese calendar is the tool for those that want to calculate the 4 Pillars of any person or any date until 2050. It also contains the central flying stars of each year and month.

The main book is a Chinese Calendar in Chinese, only on the sides you see the chinese animal sign of the year in english and greek language. However, this book is unique because it contains extremely detailed information (in greek) about how to create the 4 pillars of a person, how to create the luck pillars of the person, and how to calculate the correct hour by converting the time to real solar time and changing it to winter time.

Special gift: Together with this book you will receive a mini booklet with detailed intructions in English about how to calculate manually the 4 Pillars including the hour pillar time correction, including the list of 180 world cities.