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Chinese almanac 2018

Author: Raymond Lo & Georgia Kiafi
Language: English
Pages: 176
Price: €23.00
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The book of auspicious days – the year of the dog

This is the Chinese almanac you will need every year. It contains Feng Shui tips for 2018 such as the flying stars of the year and each month, the Grand Duke of the year, the 3 shars and clash of the year, where to avoid construction. You will also know the world predictions 2018 made by GM Raymond Lo and year predictions for each Chinese animal for each month.

This book also contains the Tong Shu 2018 in combination with date selection formulas calculated for you. This means that for each day of the year you will know the good and bad activities such as signing contract, move house, marriage etc, the animal that is in clash with the day, the ruler of the day, the flying star of the day. You will also know the influence of the day in form of graphic bombs with numbers in it, such as clash with year, clash with month, 3 shar with year, 3 shar with month, 4 separation days, 4 termination days. You will know the good, average and bad hours of every day of the year. You will find tips about how to choose the best date, and how to correct the local hour to true natural hour, including the real hour for 180 world cities.