Land Selection consultation

If you want to buy land in order to build a home or business, it is also wise to check the Feng Shui of the land in advance, even if there is not much choice about the facing of the building or the location of the exact center of the building.


It is common sense that you don’t want to buy a piece of land with bad Feng Shui that will cause financial problems and bad relationships.


If you choose to do a Land Selection consultation, you will know in advance about the possibilities and potentials of that land, you may even compare more than 2 pieces of land and choose the best one. I will inform you about the Feng Shui effect of the land in terms of human harmony and money.


In general, big pieces of land have more possibilities to create better Feng Shui than small pieces of land.


If the land is small, we are limited about the facing and location of the building, which limits our choices in Feng Shui terms. If the land is big we have more choice on the best spot to build and also the facing of the building (eg we can “tilt” the building at an angle with the road or choose the facing of the building towards a more auspicious road).


Once you have decided to buy a specific piece of land because it has a good potential, you may wish to have a “Feng Shui – building and door orientation” consultation.