Home or Business selection

If you want to move into a new home or business and you wish to know how the new premises will influence your life in terms of money, stability, health and relationships, you may want to check the Feng Shui of that place first before you rent or buy it.


During that mini consultation you will find out if this place has any serious drawback, what this drawback is and if it is easy to fix without big expenses. Once you have decided to rent it or buy it, we can proceed (if you wish) to the proper consultation Feng Shui for Home or Feng Shui for Business.


It is also advisable to compare your current premises with the future ones. Did you find something really positive in comparison to what you already have, or you are about to go into the same situation again, or you are moving into a Feng Shui nightmare?


What is necessary for a Home or Business Selection


For the correct selection of a home or business I will need to visit myself the place to measure it with the Lo Pan compass.
I also need to know the period of construction/occupation of the building and the birthday of the key people that will use that space.


It is very helpful to have a floor plan of the premises, but this is not always possible. If there is no floor plan in hand, I must be able to visit the place inside. However, working with a floor plan is more accurate if the shape of the premises is totally irregular or extremely large.