Georgia Kiafi

Georgia Kiafi is a professional Feng Shui consultant specializing in Flying Star Feng Shui.
She is also an expert in Four Pillars of Destiny, I Ching and Date Selection for important events. She has studied Chinese Face Reading and Qi Men Dun Jia.


Georgia was born in Athens Greece, and speaks five languages fluently (English, German, French, Italian & Greek). She now lives in Zurich and visits Athens frequently.


Her first contact with Feng Shui was in 1996. She started her studies in Chinese metaphysics in 1997 in London. In 2000 she met Grand Master Raymond Lo in London and in 2001 she became his sole European Associate and authorized instructor. GM Raymond Lo has been mentoring Georgia for many years, this way she gained valuable practical experience.
Georgia has also attended seminars with other important Grand Masters and Masters of our times like Yap Cheng Hai, Francis Leyau, Peter Leung, Joey Yap, Chan Kun Wah and others.


In 2015 she was awarded the diploma of Feng Shui Master by the International Feng Shui Association.


Georgia was a speaker at the International Feng Shui Convention 2006 in Singapore, the Ideal Home Show 2006 in Dubai, the International Feng Shui Conference 2007 in Budapest the Feng Shui Festival 2007 in Singapore and others.


Georgia provides site selection, landscape development design, floor plan design for both residential and corporate purposes. In addition, she also consults companies and individuals in decision-making for important projects and investments.

She writes articles for newspapers and specialized magazines worldwide. You may also read her articles and predictions at her personal blog


She appears at TV interviews to explain Chinese Metaphysics in Greece & Cyprus (invited by George Aftias, George Papadakis, Nikos Manesis, Eleonora Meleti, Eleni Menegaki, Vicky Kaya, Christina Lambiri, Assi Biliou etc.)


Georgia is the author of 4 books. She wrote “The art of Chinese Face Reading” (Kedros publishers, Greece), the “Chinese Almanac” for the current year (co-author is GM Raymond Lo), the “Feng Shui for each year and month 2014-2023” and “The personal element, Chinese astrology”.