Feng Shui for garden

If you have a home or business surrounded by open space or garden, you may want to know what is the best location to place the following:


  • Swimming pool or waterfalls
  • Water fountains or rivers
  • Gate of the land, location & direction
  • Passageways that lead to the building
  • Parking, garage & gate doors
  • Direction of traffic flow of roads
  • Big trees
  • Decorative rocks & statues

Sometimes there are sharp corners of buildings pointing your home, roads coming from a bad direction, negative flow of water (clock- or counter clock-wise), visible inauspicious shapes in front of your main door, broken mountains, dead trees in the garden, lamb poles, swimming pools at the wrong place etc. All that creates negative influence to the building and to the people living inside.


This type of influence may be improved for existing spaces, or it can be auspiciously created from the beginning. There are various Feng Shui formulas and techniques that are applied to improve the Feng Shui of a garden or exterior. Shapes, materials, colours and numbers are important tools together with the influence of location and direction.