Feng Shui for business

A Feng Shui consultation for your business can help to:


  • Increase your income/profit
  • Improve relationships with colleagues and customers
  • Reduce sickness of staff
  • Feel in harmony with the surroundings


You have certainly seen shops or offices that constantly chance hands every 2-3 years. You have also seen shops that don’t sell anything special but still do great business. You have also seen mini offices with terrible decoration but huge profits. You might thing that this is pure luck, but as Einstein has said “God does not play dice”. Feng Shui plays an important role in the profitability of a business.


When is the right moment to do a Business Feng Shui consultation?


  • You move into new premises and you wish to know where to put what according to Feng Shui.
  • You wish a positive change of your existing business in a financial/relationship level.


What does a Business Feng Shui consultation include


A Business Feng Shui consultation includes suggestions for each area of your business.


If your business is a company, the location and direction of the office and desk of the manager and key staff, the location and facing of the main door of the company are very important Feng Shui factors. The location of the meeting room, the location of the TV & hifi, the photocopy machine, the active and quiet zones also play a role.


If your business is a shop, the location/direction of the cashier and the main door are very important. The location of open active areas, windows and customer passageways, the location of TV & music are also important.


During a Feng Shui for business consultation I will suggest the correct placement of furniture and technology and I will suggest the favorable colors, shapes and materials for each direction of your business. Colors, shapes and materials can be used as remedies to improve the influence of certain sectors.


I combine the most authentic Feng Shui formulas such as Flying Stars, Form School, 8 dragon gate water methods, Master Lai’s 9 star water method, 5 ghost transport wealth, 3 harmony 3 harmony double mountain water method, yellow killing water, 8 shar, yellow killing, castle gate etc.


I take into consideration the birth data of the key staff, choosing the best sectors so that their personal Kua Number is in coordination with the Flying Stars of the business. The Chinese animal sign and the complete 4 pillars chart of the key staff are also another important factors.

I don’t use 8 Mansion Feng Shui as it is not always accurate. I don’t use symbolic objects.


During the Business Feng Shui consultation we will discuss about the possible changes that you can make. I will take into consideration what you want to achieve.

I will inform you about the positive and negative influence that your business is currently having and who is influenced more. I will be able to tell you what results to expect once the suggested chances will be made.


It is vital to improve the Feng Shui influence of the current business. I rarely suggest someone to move out, but even then one must first improve the current energy of the business before something better can be found (unless the 4 Pillars of the person are favorable and helpful).


A Feng Shui for business consultation is valid until 2023. After that I suggest an update for the new period 2024-2044, as Feng Shui energies also change importance in 20 years circles.


After a Feng Shui for business consultation, existing clients may also request an Annual Feng Shui update.


What is necessary for a Business Feng Shui consultation


I can give correct Feng Shui advice only if I have visited and measured the business myself with the Lo Pan compass. An accurate measurement is vital to the quality for a Feng Shui consultation.


For a Feng Shui for business consultation I need to be provided with:


  • An accurate floor plan
  • The period of construction & occupation of the building
  • The birthdata of the key personnel


In case of any major renovation, I also need to know the complete history of renovation, such as if a new floor was added and when, what new rooms where added and when, if the roof has been removed when and for how long, if the main entrance has changed location etc.