Feng Shui – floor plan creation

If you are about to build for residential or business purposes, it is an excellent idea to create the floor plan according to Feng Shui principles.


Using Feng Shui from the beginning can ensure the best possible influence in terms of money and harmony for the people using the building.


If you want to build for your own use, we will not only create generally good Feng Shui for that space but it will be especially good for you, as I will take into account the birthday of all the people that will live there.


If you are an investor and you want to build in order to sell, a floor plan according to Feng Shui may not only attract more easily potential buyers, but it will ensure the best possible success of the building and give you a good name in the market.


Feng Shui consultation costs are absolutely minimal in comparison to the costs of architect, materials etc, so a Feng Shui investment is really worthwhile.


What is necessary for a Feng Shui consultation for floor plan creation


I will need to visit the land where the new space will be created. You may have already used our Feng Shui – Land Selection services or/and our Feng Shui – building & door orientation services, and you only want to create the best possible floor plan.


I will measure the facing of the future building using my Lo Pan compass and then I will talk with your architect and yourself, taking into account your needs and the architect’s expertise


I will give the main guidelines to the architect, such as my suggestion about where to put the important rooms and architectural features. I always give alternatives and I specify priority nr 1, 2, 3.


For example, if you build a house, I will say that main door of the apartment is better to be there (always 1st choice, 2nd choice and 3rd choice), the door of the apartment facing there, the most important bedroom there, the living room there, never put the kitchen and stove there, the openings such as balcony doors and windows should be there etc.


If you build a business, I will suggest that the main door of the business should be there facing there, the reception should be there, the meeting room there, the CEO and the key staff there etc.


This way the architect can create a floor plan for that space, he will combine your wishes, my Feng Shui tips, legal and architectural requirements to the best possible degree.


After that, although it is better that I meet the architect again and talk in person, it is also possible at that stage that he send me the preliminary floor plans per email and talk through skype, so that he can finalize the plan.


If you wish to take the Feng Shui to the next level, after having created a floor plan you may also want to do Feng Shui for Business or Feng Shui for Home. This way you will do detailed Feng Shui for the interior, such as correct placement of furniture, colours etc.


You may also want to improve the Feng Shui influence of the outside, in this case a Feng Shui for garden consultation is ideal.