Feng Shui – buidling & door orientation

If you already own a piece of land and you want to build something on it, it is a good idea to apply Feng Shui for the building and its main door. This way you can make the building as prosperous as possible.


If the piece of land is big and we can place the building in many different places on the land, I can suggest the:

  • best spot of the land to build the building (also shape and center location).
  • best facing of the building (I will give you the degrees in relation to the magnetic north),
  • best location of the main door (eg center, left or right side of building) in relation to the future center of the building
  • best facing of the main door (sometimes we can improve the energy of the door by tilting* it)


If the piece of land is small and you don’t have any choice of placing the building on different spots on the land or you cannot tilt* the building, I will let you know about the best location and facing of the door of the building.


For this type of Feng Shui assessment I will check if the existing surrounding buildings & shapes, mountains, existing water features, roads and crossroads have a positive or negative influence on the future building. I will also check the influence of time dimension (Flying Stars Feng Shui) for all different possible facings of the building.


After having applied “Feng Shui – building and door orientation”, clients may wish to apply “Feng Shui – plan creation” or even “Feng Shui for garden”.


* tilting of the building means that the building is not facing the same degrees like the road, the building is having an angle in relation to the road.
* tilting of the door means that the door is not facing the same degrees like the building, the door is having an angle in relation to the building.