Feng Shui annual update

A Feng Shui annual update is only applicable to my own existing clients that have already received a proper Feng Shui for Home or a Feng Shui for Business consultation.


A proper Feng Shui consulation for home or business examines the “permanent” influence of the space in your life. However, there are some additional Feng Shui influences that change position over time.


These annual Feng Shui influences are the following:

  • Flying Stars of the year and month
  • Grand Duke of the year
  • Clash of the year
  • 3 shar of the year and month
  • Li Shi
  • Earth shar _ Wu Du Tian & Ji Du Tian
  • Flying Grand Duke (or Hidden Construction Shar)
  • Flying Star of the year at door location and Kua number of the person allows me to do annual prediction for the person using that space


The annual Feng Shui influences are “working” together with the permanent Feng Shui influences of a space. In simple words, this means that if you stay inside any space you receive its “permanent” Feng Shui influences together with the “passing” ones.


During a Feng Shui annual update I will check the combination of permanent and passing influences together, this way I can give you the whole picture. I will also consider your annual needs to achieve certain things like for example academic success, romance, health etc.


If you have not already done a Feng Shui consultation with me and you speak English, as an alternative you may wish to read my book “Chinese Almanac” for the current year, or visit my blog www.georgiakiafi.blogspot.com and find my Feng Shui tips for the current year and use the google translator gadget.
If you only speak greek, you may also visit my blog or read my book “Feng Shui for every year 2014-2023”.


Many times existing clients ask for a combination of an Feng Shui Annual Update together with a mini Four Pillars of Destiny consultation that is concentrated in a specific year. This way they have the whole picture in their mind, Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology together.