Can I still do Feng Shui to a house that already exists while I cannot do many changes?

There are always changes that can be done in any space. For example, even if we cannot put down walls and change the construction of a space, we can still place furniture in a different way, or even use shapes, materials and colours.

Feng Shui is from China. Can I still have good results if I live in a western country?

Feng Shui talks about the influence of environment on human wellbeing. It is based on calculations and we always use a compass that pinpoints the magnetic influences of North, South etc. Even if we live in a western country, as long as we are living on planet earth and we are influenced by the magnetic fields of the 8 directions, we can use Feng Shui also in the West. Anyway, acupuncture, Qi Qong and Chinese medicine also come from China but they all have results in the west. If you are living on planet earth, regardless if you want it or not, you do receive influence of your environment which has nothing to do with China.

Are symbolic Feng Shui objects just as ducks, coins etc effective?

I am not into symbolic objects and I will never turn any home or business into a Chinese looking space. I will never recommend to you to place a pair of Chinese ducks in your love corner, because there is not such a thing as a love corner. I believe that the power of symbols come from our own human consciousness and mental powers, this means a western person cannot align to an object of Chinese culture. I am using traditional Feng Shui which has to do nothing with symbolic “Feng Shui” objects.

How fast do I see results if I do Feng Shui?

Feng Shui starts working from the moment a change is made, because when the environment is changing this has immediately an effect. Of course there are important changes that can bring drastic results, and other changes can be less important so they create slower results. A good Feng Shui expert can say the type of result and how strong and fast it will be, considering also the astrology chart of the person

What is Flying Stars Feng Shui and how do we use it?

Flying Stars Feng Shui is a school of Feng Shui that talks about time. It can tell us what happens to a house, when and who is affected mostly.

Flying Stars are invisible Feng Shui energies located in each direction of any space.  There are 9 Flying Stars expressed by numbers from 1 to 9, each Flying Star has a meaning related to the trigrams of the I Ching.

Each home or business has a unique Flying Star chart, as the chart’s calculation is based on the year of construction and first occupation, and the exact facing of the building that is measured by the use of a Luo Pan compass.

A Feng Shui chart has 3 numbers that occupy each direction/sector. The top left number is called mountain star and influences human harmony (love, health, stability). The top right number is called water star and influences money. The bottom number is called base number and has little influence.

As Flying Stars talk about time, during each period that lasts 20 years, there are good Flying Stars and bad Flying Stars.

We can improve human harmony by using the good mountain stars. We try to sleep there, keep those areas quiet (yin) without activity, have high objects, have bedrooms or storage at that area, or even better to have real mountains and tall buildings outside the house at that sector.

We can improve money by using the good mountain stars. We try to be active (yang) there, to have TV or music, have low objects and open space such as low area outside or even water features such as swimming pools and real water.

We also improve harmony and money by reducing the effect of any activated negative Flying Stars. We increase good Flying Stars and decrease bad Flying Stars by using shape, material, number and colour. We locate people to sectors that are good for them using their Kua Number  using theory of Flying Star Feng Shui.

Do you use Eight Mansion Feng Shui?

No. Eight Mansion Feng Shui is a Feng Shui School that became well known to the West because of Lilian Too.

According to this school, depending on your Kua number (which is derived from a person’s year of birth), there are 4 good directions and 4 bad directions, people belong to east group and west group. You place yourself and good rooms like bedrooms, main door and offices at the good sectors, and you place bad rooms such as toilets, staircases and storages at the bad sectors.

Although on the surface there is a logic in this school and its very easy to use, it is not always effective and many times it contradicts Flying Stars Feng Shui which is always effective. It is practically impossible to combine the 2 schools without compromising one of them, if you consider that you also need to take into consideration the Form School Feng Shui and other types of Feng Shui, combining too many things together is like mission impossible.

Master Sam Chuk Yin (1848-1906 AD) claimed that the Eight Mansion Feng Shui is actually a formula that was described in the “Killing the Barbarians” book.  This book does not exist any more. It was written from a Feng Shui Master that was ordered and forced by a Tang Dynasty Emperor, as the emperor was alarmed by the true power of Feng Shui and did not want everybody to know how to use powerful Feng Shui and create future Emperors that would challenge his family’s power. He gave this title to the book, as he wanted the Japanese, Koreans and Mongoleans to know through this book the wrong use Feng Shui.

Unfortunately, this school is now used by some Chinese today. What goes around comes around. The greatest Masters of Honk Kong and Taiwan do not use Eight Mansion Feng Shui at all.

What is the best way to reduce the Flying Star 5

We use shape, material, colour and number to reduce or increase any Flying Star number. We also use the logic of the 5 elements. During the period of time we are now (2004-2023), the Flying Star 5 is a negative Flying Star and it brings misfortune and obstacles.

The number 5 is earth element, so we can reduce it by using metal and water element in terms of shape, material, colour and number.

There are 2 common ways to reduce the Flying Star 5.

One is to use a metal windchime that has hollow metal rods and meal “tongue” in the middle, which creates a metal sound. The windchime needs to be placed in an area so that it moves and sounds frequently, so you can put it hanging on a door or window. It is best if the windchime has 6 or sever rods, as numbers 6 and 7 belong to metal element. The rods should also have metal or water colour (metallic, white, black or dark blue). Wooden windchimes do not do the job.

The second and best way to reduce the Flying Star 5 is the so called “water salt cure”. You take a transparent glass, you put 1/3 thick salt, you place on top of it in a circle formation 6 coins of gold or copper colour (eg 1 cent of euro) and in the middle of the circle you place a silver coin (eg 1 swiss franc). You add water another 1/3 of the glass. You place the glass where you have the permanent, annual, or monthly Flying Star 5. You will soon see the salt growing over the rim of the glass. If you want to protect the floor, you can put the water salt cure on aluminium foil. Instead of using a glass, even better you can use a round metal bowl.

When there is no more water left in the glass, you need to redo the water salt cure, you may use the same glass or bowl and coins. If the water is not evaporating and the salt is not moving up, move the cure a few meters left or right until you see the water salt cure moving and acting.

This is a super water metal cure to reduce the Flying Star 5, as everything used in this cure belongs only to the water and metal element by using shape, meterial, color and number. Avoid using coins that have value anything else than 1, especially coins that have value of 2 or 5, don’t we actually want to reduce the earth element of 5, so why use something that belongs to earth element as does the 2 and 5?

I prefer the water salt cure to the windchime cure. This is because it is said that the Lo Shu is a picture of the earth globe. 5 is in the middle of the Lo Shu and it is the lava. If you put metal to the lava, though a metal windchime, the lava will melt the metal. But you can reduce the lava much better by the water and the salt.

The location of Flying Star 5 in the following years is: in 2014 the Flying Star 5 is in the Northwest, 2015 in the West, 2016 in the Northeast, 2017 in the South, 2018 in the North, 2019 in the Southwest, 2020 in the East,  2021 in the Southeast, 2022 in the center, 2023 in the Northwest.

What is the best way to reduce the Flying Star 2

The Flying Star 2 is related to health matters and today (2004-2023) it is a negative star that brings sickness. We can reduce it by metal and water element. We also use shape, material, colour and number.

There are again 2 common ways to reduce the Flying Star 2. One way is the string of 6 coins. You can find this at any Feng Shui shop, or you can create your own by taking 6 copper or gold color coins of value 1, put one next to the other, the head side (yang side) looking up, take adhesive tape and stick everything together. You put the 6 coins string at the location of the permanent, yearly or monthly Flying Star 2 in order to reduce sickness, or if you find chinese traditional coins that have the hole in the middle you can hold them together by a golden, silver, black or white string. All this is metal element, reducing the 2 earth element star.

The other way to reduce the Flying Star 2 is to use a metal calabash. If you look at this object from up down, it has many circles which all belong to metal shape and the metal element. It is very important that the calabash has an opening on the top. You may also use a dried  calabash with an open mouth, that was used by chinese doctors in the old times to contain medicine.

The location of Flying Star 2 in the following years is:  in 2014 the Flying Star 2 is in the East, 2015 in the Southeast, 2016 in the center, 2017 in the Northwest, 2018 in the West, 2019 in the Northeast, 2020 in the South, 2021 in the North, 2022 in the Southwest, 2023 in the East.

What is the best way to reduce the Flying Star 7

The Flying Star 7 belongs to metal element, today (2004-2023) is considered negative and creates scandals, trickery and robbery. It can be reduced by the application of water and wood element at the area where it is located.

A typical Feng Shui remedy for Flying Star 7 is the so called “bamboo therapy”, it is a transparent glass vase filled with water and greenery such as bamboo or other plant without flowers (as usually flowers have earth and fire colours). One can use water or wood numbers as well to reduce the 7, for example one could use 1 (water) or 3 (wood) or 4 (wood) bamboos. You may prefer to use 3 bamboos in the vase, as 3 and 7 make total 10, 3 is yang and 7 is yin, yin and yang is harmonious.

Some Feng Shui Masters also use the taste of the elements. Wood element has sour taste, so they place a bottle full of vinegar at the location of 7.

Another alternative to the bamboo therapy for Flying Star 7 is to use just water, for example you can place a bottle full of normal water or salty water, the bottle should be open so that the water can be in contact with its environment to do the job we want. When the 7 is creating spiritual type of problems, one could use holy water.

The location of Flying Star 7 in the following years is: in 2014 the Flying Star 7 is located in the Northeast, 2015 in the South, 2016 in the North, 2017 in the Northwest, 2018 in the East, 2019 in the Southeast, 2020 in the center, 2021 in the Northwest, 2022 in the West, 2023 in the Northeast.

What is the best way to reduce the Flying Star 3

The Flying Star 3 is considered negative today (2004-2023) and creates arguments, hot temper and misunderstandings. 3 belongs to the wood element, so we can reduce it by using fire and earth element in terms of shape, material, colour and number. A usual Feng Shui remedy for Flying Star 3 is the use of fire colour like a red wallpaper, pillow or blanket, even red candles or using the fireplace at the location of the 3 is very helpful.

The location of Flying Star 3 in the following years is: in 2014 the Flying Star 3 is located in the Southeast, in 2015 in the center, in 2016 in the Northwest, in 2017 in the West, in 2018 in the Northeast, in 2019 in the South, in 2020 in the North, in 2021 in the Southwest, in 2022 in the East, in 2023 in the Southeast.


I need some Feng Shui tips for my bedroom...

When I give Feng Shui tips for the bedroom, I take into consideration a lot of different factors, most factors need the use of Flying Stars and other formulas.

However, if you want to do DIY Feng Shui, here are Feng Shui tips based mostly on Form School Feng Shui:

  1. Have a solid wall behind the head of the bed, avoid having any open space such as window or balcony door or room door at the same line of your body when you lie on your bed. Never place your bed in the middle of the room if you want a good sleep. Avoid round beds and round bedrooms.
  2. Choose a commanding position of the bed so that when you lie on your bed you can command and watch the whole bedroom and to be able to see the door of the bedroom.
  3. Avoid placing your bed between 2 windows (on your left and right side of the bed), or avoid placing your bed between a mirror and a window or balcony, where the mirror is exactly opposite the window and reflects the light that comes from the outside.
  4. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom, especially if you can see your body through them while you lie on the bed. Cover them up.
  5. The bed should not be too close to the door of the bedroom.
  6. Reduce clutter in the bedroom, avoid having too many little objects around the room, avoid putting a knife or shiny or sharp objects under your bed.
  7. The bed should not be placed close to the toilet, the toilet door should not be at the same line of the bed’s feet, behind the head you should not have a wall adjusted to the toilet flush or other water outlets of the bathroom.
  8. The door of the bedroom should not be at the same line with the stairs of the house, as stairs create the chi to move fast which is bad for a good sleep. If you do, put a strong light outside the room at the ceiling a strong lights that points upwards and keep the bedroom door closed.
  9. The angles of the bed should not be too close to the angles of other furniture (such as cupboard), as this creates the scissors effect.
  10. Never put your bed exactly underneath beams or any type of hanging objects from the ceiling. Do not have a hanging lamp or moscito net above your bed, any hanging object creates pressure on the body part that is exactly underneath and creates mental pressure. The same applies for baby beds and hanging toys on the top of the baby head.
  11. Avoid having your office and bed in the same room. Slanting ceilings also create pressure when they are above the bed.
  12. Avoid fire element at the head of the bed such as zic zac shapes, fire places, candles, a lot of red etc. Behind the head of the bed you should not have a kitchen wall that is adjusted with the cooker or oven.
  13. The bedroom should not be too big, as this is too much yin energy for the house. Too many bedrooms in a house create strong yin energy, this means the women of the house will have the upper hand. The bed should have a good size in comparison to the bedroom.
  14. Avoid a bedroom that is close to the side of a busy road.
  15. Air your bedroom regularly, avoid live plants and water as those are too yang
  16. Check the Flying Stars of the year that visit your bed, if you have the negative Flying Stars 5,2,7 and 3, read the relevant article of mine at FAQ. Avoid placing your bed at a sector or pointing that is in clash with your year chinese animal.

I need some Feng Shui tips for money...

To improve your money chances, you definitely do not have to carry 3 Chinese lucky coins in your wallet. Needless to say, a red wallet will not help you neither unless red colour is good according to your 4 Pillars chinese astrology. Also do not buy any water fountain unless a consultant tells you where to put it.

When we talk about Form Feng Shui, avoid having another door or window at the same line like your main door, avoid having any door or window at the most distant point of that room, as this is considered leakage of energy. If you see any real water, swimming pools or waterfalls from your space, you need to examine its influence.

Again, it is important to activate correctly the good water stars of your house or business. Place there active and busy rooms such as a living or meeting room, or a TV or hifi.

The outside is very important when you use Flying Stars: Open space, activity and low land or even better moving water at the outside are very good ways to improve money.

Except Flying Stars, there are many other Feng Shui formulas that can enhance wealth. The “five ghost carry wealth” is the most famous formula.

If you want even better results, you need to improve the Feng Shui both of your house and business. Many people think that they only need to Feng Shui their business to improve money, but this is wrong. Actually a person absorbs the Feng Shui energies of all the places where he spends a lot of time. Even if you work the whole day in your business, you still spend at least 8 hours per day at home.

It is also very important to remember that Feng Shui is not the only factor that influences wealth.

Give us some Feng Shui tips for love, romance and health

It is very important that the good mountain Flying Stars 8, 9 and 1 or today (2004-2023) are placed at the right place of your apartment and to be supported outside the house by mountains, hills or tall buildings.

A good mountain star helps your love life, it creates stability, it improves relationships with people and it enhances health.

You can only know where is the good mountain star of your house only if you do a consultation with a Flying Star specialist.

To improve romance, you can find the location of your personal “Flower of Romance” and place a vase with water and fresh flowers at that area of your house. This can invite opportunities for romance, but it cannot guarantee the quality of the people that will approach you. If you are in a relationship do not use this formula. Its also a good idea to check the location of the flower of romance of your partner, remove any flower vase at his personal “Flower of Romance” there in order to reduce the chances that he/she meets another person.

To improve health, avoid sleeping at the area that clashes with your animal of year of birth, avoid choosing a house that is sitting at an animal that is clashing with yours. Also avoid a house that is sitting at a sector that is in 3 shar relationship with the chinese animal of your year of birth. Of course there are more things to take into consideration.

The Flower of Romance formula is the following:

  • If you were born in the year of Rat, Monkey or Dragon your flower of romance is the Rooster, this is the exact West of your house.
  • If you were born in the year of Pig, Rabbit or Goat, your flower of romance is the Rat, this is the exact North of your house.
  • If you were born in the year of the Tiger, Horse or Dog, your flower of romance is the Rabbit, this is the exact East of your house.
  • If you were born in the year of the Snake, Rooster or Ox, your flower of romance is the Horse, this is the exact South sector of your house.

For example, if you are a Pig, avoid having a flower vase at the exact north of your house.

The Clash formula is the following:

The Rat (North2) is in clash with the Horse (South2) and vice-versa, the Ox (NE1) is in clash with the Goat (SW1) and vice-versa, the Tiger (NE3) is in clash with the Monkey (SW3) and vice-versa, the Rabbit (East2) is in clash with the Rooster (West2) and vice-versa, the Dragon (SE1) is in clash with the Dog (NW1) and vice-versa, the Snake (SE3) is in clash with the Pig (NE3) and vice-versa.

For example, if you are born in the year of the Rat, avoid sleeping at the sector of the Horse which is the exact South, and do not have a house that sits at the exact South.

What is the Feng Shui of flowers and plants? Is it true that cactus and dried flowers have bad Feng Shui?

Flowers, cactus and bamboo are all belonging to the wood element, so we can use them to make the element wood stronger when we need so. Of course a plant ceramic pot with soil is earth element.

All plants create oxygen and help balance the temperature of earth. A cactus does not really create bad Feng Shui, unless you have it too close to you, in this case you are risking that you will be hurt by its spikes.

Dried flowers is pure wood element without any water. There is the common belief that dried flowers are bad Feng Shui because they are dead. If you think about it, furniture made of wood is also dead wood, just like dried flowers. As long as your dried flowers are clean and look pretty they are not a problem. But if they look ugly and they are full of dust, then throw them away.

How important is colour in Feng Shui?

There are mainly 4 important factors that we can use in Feng Shui remedies:

  • Shape
  • Material
  • Number
  • Colour

We first we try to use shape, then we use material, then number, then colour.

For example, we want to use wood element somewhere to achieve something, first we use objects with tall shape, then wood material, then the numbers 3 or 4 that belong to the wood element, and then we use green which is wood colour.

This priority is very important, and it’s a well kept Feng Shui secret, well…. so far at least….

However, we need to take consideration size, strength and distance or visibility. A big, fire red wall that is close to our bed has more fire effect than a very small object with the shape or material of another element on the other side of the room.

In other words, colour in Feng Shui is very important, however shape, material and number is even more important, but the whole equation also depends on size, strength and distance.


What is the personal element or Day Master in 4 Pillars of Destiny?

The personal element can give us vital information about a person. It helps us understand anyone in terms of character, relationships, career, money etc. The personal element is also known as Day Master or heavenly stem of the day of birth.

Most people know already their Chinese animal that derives from the year of birth. However the personal element is much more important and says much more about the person, because its calculation is based on the specific day of the specific month of the specific year of birth. Not everyone born on the same year has the same character, but everyone that belongs to the same personal element has many characteristics in common.

In technical terms, the personal element is the element that appears at the heavenly stem position of the day of birth (using the system of Chinese Astrology called Four Pillars of Destiny).

There are 10 Personal Elements or Day Masters: yang wood, yin wood, yang fire, yin fire, yang earth, yin earth, yang metal, yin metal, yang water, yin water.

Each one of the Day Masters can be seen in nature. Yang wood is like a tree, so a yang wood person has a character like a tree. Yin wood is like a flower, so a yin wood person has a character like a flower. And so on.

Is there any relation between Astrology and Feng Shui?

Yes. Usually when we are into a good period of our lives from astrology point of view, we also attract for some reason the same type of space. For example, if we are in a successful money period of our life, we have good chances to live in a house during that period with good Feng Shui for money. People that are in bad luck, if they are living in a bad house they will be having the most problems.

Myself, when I want to move house, I never look for apartments during difficult years or months of my life, as there are few chances to find a good space then or its difficult to make real improvements to that space.

There are also many Feng Shui formulas that come from 4 Pillars of Destiny, for example you don’t choose a house that has its back (sitting) at a Chinese animal that clashes with your year Chinese animal.

Can we change destiny?

We cannot change destiny but we can change other things. According to the Chinese, there are 5 factors that influence what happens in our lives: destiny (our 4 pillars that is like a footprint that never changes, it is the character and potential), luck (calculated by our luck pillars of chinese astrology, this is similar to the transits of western astrology, it is the changing influence of elements and chinese animals during periods of our life), Feng Shui (the influence of the environment), good deeds and education (mentality and what we learn from school, parents, other people). We cannot change destiny as we already have a birthday and we are already born with a certain chart and luck pillars, but we can influence the Feng Shui and Education up to a certain level. The so called “dentiny management” belongs to the Education category

What is Destiny management?

We cannot change destiny, but we can manipulate it up to a certain level. We can manage destiny only if we know it, so it is important that someone knows 4 Pillars himself or consults a specialist. How does Destiny Management work?

For example, we know that eg in the year of the horse there is a clash in our “house of spouse” area, this influences our relationship with our love partner that year. We can let the clash happen, this means that that year we have fights at home and we might even separate. But if we know 4 Pillars and we want to minimize the clash, we can be patient during that year, and fulfil that clash by making a change such as moving house or job or making a trip, or donate blood (for the horse rat clash), this way you fulfil the destiny in a different way.

One can also wear certain colours or carry the image of an animal to take away the clash. Destiny management is a dynamic way to influence the outcome of things but needs our commitment and focus. Do not let the elements control your life, “play” with them.

How much can we really influence the destiny of a baby by choosing an auspicious birthdate?

A specialist can calculate the best day and hour of birth, as the year and month is decided. However he can never play God. I have a good example for this, many years ago two pregnant women want to give birth to their baby boy (as calculated) at the same good day and hour. Only one woman managed to give birth then, the other woman (as her doctor was not available then) “decided” not to do the caesarean at that time. Not everybody is destined to have the life that we humans calculate, unless it is meant to be.

Why are people born at exactly the same date and hour do not have the same life?

Human life is not passive and is not out of our control. 4 Pillars of destiny shows trends and potentials. This is why 2 people with exactly the same 4 pillars and luck pillars do not have identical life. 4 Pillars can show quality but not quantity, for example it can never tell you how rich you will be, but it can show you are good in business and that you make money in your life. This happens because there are also other factors that influence our life. This is good effort, hard work, good choice in career, the right decision at the right moment, good Feng Shui at home and business, suitable location for that kind of business, the right parents, partners, wife etc. All these together can contribute to the success of a person.