Date Selection

Date Selection is a part of Chinese Metaphysics. As the word reveals by itself, it is about choosing to do the right thing at the right time.


The correct Date Selection is made when various information and techniques are combined: we need to check the book of Tong Shu for that year, to know the 4 Pillars of the person in question and apply rules of Date Selection.


The “Tung Shu” or “General Book” originally served agricultural purposes such as finding the right moment to plant or harvest. As such it was also called “agricultural calendar” or “Hsia Calendar’ as this calendar was in existence during the Hsia Dynasty (around 2200 BC).


In 1742 the last amendment and editing of the calendar was carried out in the Ching Dynasty.


With the passage of time, more activities were added to the “Tung Shu” such as moving, travel, marriage, sign contracts etc. The Tung Shu is published every year.


In the Tong Shu we find more information such as the “Ruler of the day”. There are in total 12 Rulers that give us an idea about the quality of the day. For example “Removal” is a good ruler if we want to make a surgical operation and remove the illness or start diet and remove kilos from our body, while it is not a favourable ruler if we want to get married.


In order to do Date Selection, it is necessary to compare the day in question together with the possible month, year and hour of the activity. If this day has a bad relationship according to 4 Pillars techniques with that of the year, month or hour, this day cannot be used.


For Date Selection it is important to know the 4 Pillars of the person in question. The relationship of the element and animal of the year and day of birth of the person is compared to the element and animal of the day of the activity. If that day is not under clash, 3 Shar etc with the person, then this day may be used. Positive symbolic stars of the person like the “Nobleman” (helpful people) are preferred if they appear on the day or hour selected. The favourable elements of that person (according to their 4 Pillars of Destiny) are also taken into account, we try to have good elements on the date selected and to be related with what we want to achieve.

Choosing the perfect hour is like fine tuning of Date Selection. It can make a difference.


Date Selection can help that the event runs smoothly and ensure success in the future.


There are different methods of Date Selection. I use the method I just mentioned above which is widely know as the 4 Pillars method of Date Selection.


If you like to apply Date Selection on your own, you will find important tips in my book “Chinese Almanac” in English that I will be publishing each year.